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Home Energy Savings Home Energy Savings is a traditional Heating and Cooling company with one very important difference. Home Energy Savings Will Guarantee in writing Your Utility Savings including Pay Back Periods. How can they Guarantee Utility Bill Savings? Simple. They are a heating and cooling company owned and operated by Ucons, a 23 year old company that Guarantees Savings to Utility Companies. Home Energy Savings makes the same Guaranteed Savings available to Utility companies available to everyone.

Under our parent company, UCONS (Utility Conservation Services) , we have over 50 years of experience, and have a proven track record of saving you money. We have coordinated water and energy savings programs for 19 utility companies in 7 states. That’s why we guarantee our customers not only service and satisfaction, but we also guarantee energy and water savings.

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Home Energy Savings is owned and managed by Tom Eckhart. Tom began his power and energy career in 1965 as an officer on the N/S Savannah (President Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace flagship). After many years in the nuclear industry, Tom joined Puget Power in 1981 as a planner and was promoted to manage its highly regarded residential conservation programs in 1985. Tom has been instrumental in developing proven methods for providing homeowners with safe and reliable conservation programs.

He is a nationally recognized leader in delivering and evaluating conservation programs. His long standing analytical background has been instrumental in the development of reliable and easy-to-understand methods for providing customers guaranteed energy savings. Under Tom’s leadership, Home Energy Savings has provided assured and reliable conservation services to over 470,000 residential customers (by far the largest number of customers by a locally owned energy service company).

UCONS, LLC is a national leader in the development and implementation of residential conservation programs concentrating on multifamily tenants and mobile home occupants. Beginning in 1993, UCONS has worked with 19 investor-owned and publically-owned utilities in California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and New York. The level of service provided by UCONS in hard-to-reach markets provides our utilities and customers with a high level of confidence that our programs will be successful.