Manufactured homes are erected to very different codes and standards than other residential dwellings. Home Energy Savings is the leading expert on the West Coast for these types of challenging homes. Be sure to mention to our evaluation expert the type of home you currently live in.


Heating and Cooling

There are many low-cost solutions to repair your current heating system, which will reduce your winter utility bills and make your home more comfortable. New efficient and quiet air conditioning technologies are also available to reduce your winter heating bills and provide summer cooling.



Home Energy Savings has installed over 100,000 advanced and efficient thermostats in Northwest homes like yours. This simple upgrade can greatly reduce your bills and increase your comfort. We also provide web-based controls for those homeowners who like to monitor and control the temperature of their homes when they’re away.


Duct Sealing

Ducts can be a major source of energy loss in many homes, especially in manufactured homes. We will analyze your home’s duct work and insulation work to make the best recommendations. We have the experience and tools to evaluate your home and determine if a repair or enhancement to your duct work will help you save on your utility bills.


Lighting and Water for Immediate Savings

The latest generation LED lamps and low-flow shower heads can provide immediate energy and water savings for our customers. We can install these measures at the time of your home evaluation and begin providing you immediate savings on your utility bills.


Energy Saving Windows

Do you want better windows, but don’t want the high cost associated with expensive replacement windows? We’re pleased to announce the latest generation of low E storm windows, which qualify for rebates with your utility company. Best of all, they cost less than half of the typical replacement window. Our energy evaluation can help you decide which solution is best for your home.