How to save money – Guaranteed.

A simple way to save up to $100

For those customers who have not already reduced their energy consumption with water conservation measures or installed attractive and dimmable lighting measures, these two measures provide the simplest and lowest cost solution to increase energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills (both electricity and water bills). Most utilities provide some of these measures at no cost for their customers. We have helped nearly ½ million customers reduce their water usage and energy bills through the use of these two simple measures. These simply measures will reduce your utility bills by nearly $100 alone and can be installed at the same time an audit is conducted. This one stop approach will minimize inconvenience and provide immediate benefits to our customers.

The energy savings potential for water heating and lighting measures depend on: how many new lamps make sense for your home and whether you use electricity or gas for water heating (and the thermostat setting on your water heater). The average measured savings for water heating and lighting range from 600 to 900 kWh. An average savings is shown on the energy bill example shown here. Typical payback is less than 1 year as most utilities rebates will cover all or a substantial fraction of costs for these measures. We can provide far great assurance on your energy savings upon completing an energy audit and reviewing your past 12 month energy bill with you. Please call us. We will help you save money and enjoy greater comfort in hour home.

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