How to save money – Guaranteed.

Significantly Reduced Payback Period.

For customers who want to have a more efficient home (and combine energy savings with a more comfortable and quieter home), windows remain one of the most popular home improvement solutions in the Northwest. But most window replacement projects are very expensive. HES and UCONS have been working with the national labs and the region to evaluate the performance of low E storm windows as a better window solution for many homeowners. We have found low E storm windows are less than half the cost of new replacement windows, and provide all the benefits for many homeowners. They are great looking and open, just like a new replacement window. This is an ideal solution for the homeowner who is not able to pay the $5000 or more quoted by many window manufacturers and installers for new windows.

The energy savings potential for windows depend on: how many windows you wish to replace; whether you heat with electricity or gas; and other factors such as temperature settings. The average measured savings for our window programs range from 1200 to 2500 kWh. An average savings is shown on the energy bill example shown here. Typical payback on new, replacement windows can be greater than 20 years. Payback on low E storm windows is much shorter, typically less than 10 years. We can provide far great assurance on your energy savings upon completing an energy audit and reviewing your past 12 month energy bill with you. Please call us. We will help you save money and enjoy greater comfort in hour home.

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