How to save money – Guaranteed.

Payback Period – Less than 3 Years!

Duct Sealing is a proven and low cost solution for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption with their current home heating systems. Most ducts (especially those in manufactured homes) are leaky and poorly insulated. This greatly impacts the costs of heating your home. HES and UCONS have assisted over 130,000 homeowners with duct sealing measures which provide energy efficient heating (while reducing their winter heating bills). Our proven duct seal savings have been independently verified by five west coast utilities. This single improvement may be the most cost effective solution you can make to choose to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

The energy savings potential from Duct Sealing depends on: your type of home; whether you heat with electricity or gas (or other); and other factors such as temperature settings. The average measured savings on our duct sealing programs range from 800 to 1500 kWh. An average savings is shown on the energy bill example shown here. Typical payback for this measure is less than 3 years; in many instances a utility rebate will pay fully for this measure. We can provide far great assurance on your energy savings upon completing an energy audit and reviewing your past 12 month energy bill with you. Please call us. We will help you save money and enjoy greater comfort in hour home.

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