How to save money – Guaranteed.

Payback period only 4-6 years with heating and cooling capability.

For those customers who are interested in the best new appliances for energy efficient heating (and energy efficient home cooling), ductless heat pumps are the lowest cost and most reliable solution available today. HES and UCONS are the only Puget Sound contractors who have experience in providing this solution in the Northwest and in California. Our ductless heat pump systems have been evaluated for savings and comfort in the winters of the Northwest, and peak summer cooling loads of Sacramento. We are your ductless heat pump experts. We are qualified for all utility rebates for ductless heat pumps. When a single head system is not able to meet all your needs to increase energy efficiency, we have proven additional solutions to make all your rooms comfortable while reducing your energy consumption.

The energy savings potential for a Ductless Heat Pump depends on: your type of home; whether you heat with electricity or gas (or other); and other factors such as temperature settings (both for winter heating and summer cooling). The average measured savings on our duct sealing programs range from 4000 to 7000 kWh. An average savings is shown on the energy bill example shown here. Typical payback on a ductless heat pump is typically 4 to 6 years. We can provide far greater assurance on your energy savings upon completing an energy audit and reviewing your past 12 month energy bill with you. Please call us. We will help you save money and enjoy greater comfort in hour home.

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